Welcome to StayingSharpe.com. Please visit the Models tab to check out some of my work. The first file is an operating and valuation model for Apple. Given the excitement of the iPad, new iPhone, and rumors of an agreement with Verizon… I thought this would be an interesting company to keep an eye on.

In the works:

More Apple Models – (1) Fictional merger with Research in Motion. Totally unrealistic I know, but still fun to model out. (2) Leveraged Buyout of Apple. Also not likely to happen, but again – the main purpose of this site is to demonstrate my understanding of a wide range of financial concepts and ability to create models around them.

New company coverage – (1) Smart Balance. These models will be less fictional. The company owns a patented buttery spreads line and currently dominates the growing functional foods category in spreads. Having just expanded proprietary health formula to milk and other dairy products, the company’s long term story is compelling – but its short term outlook is not. The company recently announced revised earnings to the downside, and the stock took a 30% nosedive. I will be updating a previously published valuation, as well as a new merger analysis with one of its competitors.

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